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Instant [renaissance mapler] anyone? Screen

By auctionRyu

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hyperfreak Level 93 Windia Chief Bandit
+2 *GASP* -looks at 16 coupons- -realizes I don't have enough character slots- -cries in a corner-
Jul 26 2012
Butterring Level 201 Windia Phantom 4
gimme gimme XD
Jul 26 2012
jchoi000 Level 204 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
+1 i hate you
Jul 26 2012
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
+1 Too bad you need character slots to make them [/quote]

After I realized this, I was sad.
Jul 27 2012
xAznBuGx Level 83 Galicia Battle Mage 2
i can make any level 50 character with those?
Jul 28 2012
hyperfreak Level 93 Windia Chief Bandit
Sorry it's 51 and up, not 50. [/quote]

It's actually 50
My Renaissance status jumped from 10>13 after creating 3 Jumpstarts(13 character slots only )
Jul 31 2012

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