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Interview with outgoing CM KthxBaiNao

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mrbasil Level 198 Broa Jett 4 See what games, anime & art mrbasil is intocaptainCaptain
Hey all, hope you're well.

If you could read an interview with former Community Manager KthxBaiNao about his time at Nexon, what questions would you like answered? Let me know and I'll put together an interview.

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akira221 Level 202 Bera Demon Avenger 4
1. About what percentage of people in the work place even play maple? Of that amount, how many are actually knowledgeable about the game?

2. Is maplestory profitable for Nexon or do they primarily make money on other games?

3. How much greed have you seen inside of Nexon? [example. kanna and frenzy totem]
Dec 09 2016
scholar624 Level 204 Elnido Bishop
What made you want to apply for a job at NexonNA?
What are some ways your life has benefited by working as a GM ?
In what areas do you see Maplestory needs the most help with?
What can we as a community do to make Maplestory a better experience for everyone?
Dec 09 2016
missebola Level 25 Scania
+3 have you noticed how ironic your ign is? LOL

Nexon basically said "k thx, bai nao" to kthxbainao
Dec 09 2016
hacebera Level 233 Bera Shade 4
1. What was the male/female ratio like in Nexon work place?
2. How many GMs patrol the game a day? For how long per shift?
3. Does Nexon read the issues players constantly gripe about on reddit? (server lag during 2x exp, for example)
4. who else other than the CM reads and relays info from maplestory fan sites?
Dec 09 2016
jasonxddd Level 133 Mardia Cannoneer 4
1. What was your workflow like?
2. How much were you paid? (or relatively how well were you paid?)
3. What kind of background or experience did you have before getting hired by Nexon? What made you stand out?
4. What do you have planned for the next few months to come?
5. They got rid of you because you were doing more than what's on your job description. If you could go back in time, would you still work as much as you did to help players in troubles that were ignored, or would you do differently?
6. In your opinion, are there people working in Nexon NA, shouldn't be working there?
Dec 09 2016
lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
+2 How come content creators get special treament, often bypassing rules?
Dec 09 2016
benin2k6 Level 206 Bellocan Bishop
Mr. Michael did you ever think you would be terminated at nexon for going above and beyond your occupational title?
Dec 09 2016
horsechub Level 212 Bera Beginner
Where do you see Maplestory in 10 years?

Where do you see Nexon in 10 years?
Dec 09 2016
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