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Intro About my Shadower. Video

By SynysterCB

SynysterCB Level 152 Scania Kaiser 4
Aug 23 2011 This is an intro about my Shadower Level 150 in Scania [GMS]. So i hope u like my video !

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yoguy911 Level 195 Broa Blade Master
it seems like he has a 10k range
Aug 25 2011
Well My Range is 6417~10983 [/quote]
eh not gonna bash your range, it could definately improve.. but why UA shad? Dx our hp is garbage as it is you just made yours worse lol.. Overall decent control i guess but you did get hit a bit more than you should have..
Aug 25 2011
my lvl 130 corsair(not UA) mobs better then you :s
Aug 25 2011
SynysterCB Level 152 Scania Kaiser 4
Well , I Had no other choice of making my UA so i made a UA Shadower ...:3 and i only have 13% Luk Equips Total.
Aug 26 2011
dont play this game f5544445555r55t55
Aug 26 2011
Journey Level 174 Bera Blade Master
Your control seems a little off, then again I've never trained in ToT on my shad, so i'm not one to judge.
None the less, good job.
Aug 27 2011

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