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Is 4 piece Cra better than 7 piece Empress?

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VoidWreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
What option will boost your range more? 4 piece CRA or 7 piece Empress? Assuming all equips are clean and have no potential.
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


VoidWreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
Cra would be more beneficial, since you can wear other equips, like Tyrant or Nova along side it, while still maintaining the full set-effect.[/quote]

I plan on getting Tyrant equips in the future when I have more funds. But I just wanted to know which set effect will increase my range more: Full CRA or Full Empress. So Tyrants are pretty much out of the question for now
Oct 15 2014
lazypando Level 200 Windia Corsair
on my mules, I normally use 6set empress + faf weapon, all scrolled with 70% spell trace
Oct 15 2014
Brielle Level 204 Kradia Xenon 4
Clean eqps don't really boost you that much but in terms of which one, it mind as well be CRA. You can add more eqps on than having empress which usually increases your range more.
Oct 15 2014
MrSinDeath19 Level 208 Broa Night Lord
Clean either doesnt boost your range much. I always go with Emp because with everyone saying no to empress lately I get them dirt cheap for all my characters (<200m for the full set, and usually <100m if I dont go for the shoulder) and they I potential them and scroll them myself. When I decide seriously on a main I will actually invest in decent CRA gear
Oct 15 2014
wingless666 Level 209 Windia Phantom 4
I would say empress, yes you can get tyrant/dojo gloves but the chance of you getting any of that isn't likely with no funds.
Also CRA is more geared toward bossing(pdr/boss) rather than Empress which has other beneficial set effects and isn't that
much weaker while being significantly cheaper.

Also to note CRA worn clean is a waste if you plan on upgrading unless you plan on extracting them later on or doing it by scratch which costs a fair bit
to do well
Oct 15 2014
Blackinup Level 202 Windia Luminous 4 Corona Guild
You can still wear Cra Gear and keep glove/shoes set effects. while getting a tyrant cape and such.
Oct 15 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
4 cra + 4 empress. its good set
Oct 15 2014
cris1000 Level 215 Broa Marksman
It will be root abyss even if you aren't wearing shoes, gloves, or a cape. The set effects by themselves are comparable, but the root abyss weapon is vastly (30att+, 10% ignore defense and 30% boss damage) superior to empress.
Oct 15 2014

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