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Is 7k the average Hp for DBs

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Well i created my DB at lv 50, im lvl 138 now and i only have like 6k-7k Hp, and i think compared to other thiefs(or classes in general) my DB has rlly low HP, so i was wondering if its low hp was cuz i started it at lvl 50 or is 7k the avg Hp for DBs ?
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Dude dat is pretty high and others r even higheer is because of 2 reasons:
1.lots of %hp equips
2. Hp washing
Oct 10 2011
I only have 8k at level 169
I've never washed yet. I don't think I will
Oct 10 2011
i have like 8.4k with hb. your doing pretty good
Oct 10 2011
i have nearly 11k hp with 20% hp equips and decent hb at level 170.

Dual blades are thieves, thieves don't have high hp in general
Oct 10 2011
hmm compared with other thieves, DB should have higher HP i think?
Most of their high level kataras give like 400HP or so
Oct 10 2011
damen1234 Level 176 Broa Bishop
I had 9k hp at 155-16x
Oct 10 2011
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