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Is Finisher- Storm of Fear Glitched?

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thorod Level 211 Galicia Night Walker 4
Whenever I'm in adrenaline rush and do the command for Finisher - Storm of Fear, my aran slashes through some mobs and then nothing happens. I've tried holding all of the keys down, holding just the attack key after the command, and pretty much every combination in between but I've never seen my character even look like he's about to start a tornado. Then if I try to use the other finisher during the same adrenaline rush it says that only one is allowed per rush so it is registering my command for Storm of Fear. Is this a known glitch right now or is there something I'm missing/possibly wrong with my keyboard? Thanks

P.S- The other finisher works perfectly fine for me
Posted: June 2016 Permalink


algific Level 215 Broa Aran 4
Basically what ^^ said. Just hold attack the second time and it should work fine.
Jun 29 2016
doubee Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
Exactly the same problem I was facing in the past couple days. I was wondering the same thing. One thing that seemed to work for me is when I pressed my attack key extra harder, I may have about 50% more chance of making it.
Jul 01 2016
ernie824 Level 217 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4
Is working for me no glitched there
Jul 07 2016
jreginald Level 145 Scania Blade Master
I too have the same problem. I tried the double tap tip and it shows a vortex for a second and it disappears. I thought I was the only one having this problem. It's weird because it's working fine for some people whereas it's not working for us. I wonder what the problem is.

EDIT: I tried the double tap method again and it does indeed work! You should give it a go.
Jul 09 2016

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