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Is Pokemon GO worth playing?

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00kage Level 203 Scania Night Walker 4
I played pokemon since yellow first came out on gameboy.
I never played pokemon GO before.
But since I don't use my phone that often,is it a worthy game to play?
I live in Tokyo, and everybody's eyes are glued on their phones.
When I walk pass them, I see they are playing Pokemon GO on their phones.
Do you play Pokemon GO? Do you like it?
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ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Why not try it out? It's a free app after all.

I don't really understand why how often you use your phone should affect whether or not you should play Pokemon Go. In fact, using it less often is probably better since you won't have to worry so much if it drains your battery.

Also it makes you get outside and walk around a lot, it's a good thing.
Sep 01 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
+1 It's nothing really special, just run around hope you find something, and watch Pokemon tackle each other without much direct input or strategy to keep it interesting.

Much like most mobile games this one isn't worth the time personally. I just stick with the official titles.
Sep 01 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@carbyken: Yea exactly, the way I see it too. It's too basic and nothing to be excited about the game.

I play the 3DS titles and although I have finished the story mode I still keep playing it from time to time to participate in competitions. I do this for the fun and sometimes we can get a nice reward from participating.

Hopefully the 7th Gen Pokemon game will be good.
Sep 01 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
@hualicious: It also doesn't the bad rep the developers have been getting.

But yea with GO, there's a point where you can't continue playing unless ya pay extra cash to do so. With the main titles you can continue for however long you please. No artificial pauses, paywalls, or DRM crap. Just turn on the console load the game, there ya go.

It definitely looks promising, but I wish they slow down honestly. It didn't feel that long since we had X/Y and OR/AS. Guys take your time we don't need a main title every year. Give us 2-3 years, I'm sure it'll be better in the long run. Perhaps.
Sep 01 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@carbyken: The most important thing I want to see is improvements in the game features that already exist. They should be able to improve the game if they read our feedbacks. They have the game engine already which they used for XY, ORAS and SUMO. I don't think they need 2-3 years to listen to us and use the feedbacks into the new generation games to get this job done for Pokemon. Of course I understand making a game cost a lot of time.

It's also nice we get to see companies spending their time and effort releasing more titles (sequels) for the consoles and handhelds before they move on to the next generation consoles and handhelds. We get to at least play more titles from games, but the feedback is the most important. If they don't listen and keep releasing with little to no improvements, then it just means they are out for the money only.
Sep 01 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
@hualicious: You're right on that too, it's just more them releasing so many at once. It can be personal annoyance in this case. Undeniably with releases they add/rebalance/tweak mechanics or just certain Pokemon for a better experience which is great! I just wish they slow down on the releases to some extent.
Sep 02 2016
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I personally really enjoy the game because although many argue that it isn't the most organic Pokemon experience, there is a sense of adventure and achievement when you're trying to complete that darn Pokedex. Granted, the game has many issues that may people want to see fixed, but despite that I thoroughly enjoy the app.
I recommend you try it because it is free, and is a game that you can just turn on whenever your bored to see if there are any rare pokemon around you. I think one of my favorite features in the game is that you can be relatively successful without having to spend any real money. As long as you allocate your rewards right, you can be just as good as a player who uses money to facilitate their exploration. Granted, this will take longer, but is possible nonetheless.

Also, if you do decide to play, choose Team Instinct
Sep 02 2016
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