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Is it just me?

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Or is my wind archer terribly funded?

My wa's level 171 and does about 180k dmg 300k critical.
I have a friend who is a DrK and does 800k dmg 1.5mil critical, and is also level 171.

Do wind archers suck, or is something wrong with my gear? Got (Almost) full Fafnir set except trixter pants, 3 gollux rings, cracked, solid, reinforced.
(Got some other decent spell traced gear)
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catthewhale Level 151 Galicia Phantom 4
Judging by the damage, you have about 50k range and thats kinda below average You should get the trixter pants, and finish the reinforced gollux set. You should try and 70% trace your weapon and get it up to 10 stars and thatll give u alot of range. Also, you can use the f/p shop and buy some epic pot scrolls for your equips, and get cubes from the reward points shop by doing daily bosses and star planet (i get about 1.2-1.5k reward points an hour, enough for a red cube).
Aug 12 2015

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