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Is it worth changing to Fire/Poison?

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twixpanda Level 191 Broa Bishop
I'm a Bishop right now with a attack range of 100k~130k (Buffed),88% Boss ATT, and the full RA set.
I've been thinking about getting a job change, would it be worth it?
How much damage would I do as a F/P than a Bishop because I've been thinking about getting into bossing.
Posted: November 2015 Permalink


chaosh Level 182 Windia Kanna 4
+1 Well, you will be switching from one of the weakest, if not the class that is SUPPOSED to be the weakest at all bosses, to a class that is easily the second most overpowered class (the first being Zero) right now and is known for having the problem of hitting damage cap LONG before you actually hit the visual range cap (2m~2m). So, yeah, comparing a F/P to a Bishop is like comparing Juptiter to Pluto.

That being said... F/P mages (and Zero) are getting some fairly heavy nerfs in the future (although F/P will still remain in the top in the first few balance patches, ironically), but I suppose if things get too bad you can always switch to I/L mage.

In short: You will do a LOT of damage, as long as you do everything correctly and specially if you have Oz's Flame Gear for the extra DoT, F/P mages are the greatest mage bosser in the game, no questions asked, in the future they WILL get nerfed, but by then you should have enough funding (from rampaging through bosses) to compensate or, if things actually get too bad, switch to I/L.
Nov 14 2015
amit1553 Level 182 Scania Zero Transcendent
@chaosh: but isn't BW is stronger than F/P?
Nov 14 2015
chaosh Level 182 Windia Kanna 4
+1 @amit1553:

I usually don't recomend relying on DPM charts too much since they don't take into consideration multiple factors (although I end up referencing all the time I guess... heh), considering we're talking about two mages with somewhat similar passives (Nexon loves to recicle passive among similar classes), it's safe to use it as an indicator of who is the strongest. Later on, yeah, I except Blaze Wizards to actually be able to compete with the overnerfed F/P, which is kind of sad, considering bossing is the only advantage F/P mages have over other mages, no utility and mediocre mobbing for a mage, while Blaze Wizards actually have great utility and mobbing.

So, right now F/P is undoubtedly is far stronger than BW, but after the second have of nerfs, I wouldn't be too sure.
Nov 14 2015
sorlilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art sorlilly is intoSorLilly
I believe BWs are stronger once they cap or nearly cap that can surpass F/Ps in term of hits per second.
Nov 14 2015
risingvenom Level 217 Bera Demon Slayer 4 Emcy Guild
Go for the change, F/P has a pretty interesting playstyle
Not to mention they're noticeably stronger than lots of other classes
Nov 15 2015
genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art genostigma is intoGenostigma
I heard f/p cap early on bosses with just a 300-400k range. Worth the switch!
Nov 19 2015
Are fire poison mages still good bossers after the nerf???
Dec 14 2015
rainfall Level 162 Renegades Kanna 4
@buuur unfunded? not so much.
being funded? yes they are still top 5 bossers in the game. why? because if you are funded, you should be hitting nearly cap on paralyze on bosses. Mist eruption is never used as it is a waste of dps.
Jan 14 2016

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