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Is it worth going to Reboot

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thesecret Level 144 Scania Kaiser 4
hey there you all.
I was curious as to know if Reboot world is worth it?

If i leave Scania, i'll leave behind everything I worked for and like 10b in mesos.
How "fun" is Reboot and how limited is that world?
Thank you!
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syncrinity Level 164 Scania Corsair
Reboot is a lot of fun, though like @endurance said, it's very laggy. There is also still many bugs that need to be sorted out before the thing will be "stable". In terms of the actual server, it brought back many players that quit a while back, and it feels very nostalgic, which is nice. I made the jump, though right now I'm taking a break until Nexon gets things together a bit more. I personally don't enjoy 6 people sharing a single map, or having (maybe) 4 "good" ways to make mesos, while the rest feel worthless.
Dec 24 2015
zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
I wouldn't recommend it until Nexon fixes the link skill bug. It's damn annoying having to log on 20million mules to relink your skills each time you close the game. Especially if lag strikes and you end up crashing you have to redo all that crap again. Reboot is fun but until Nexon fixes their crap I would wait before joining it.
Dec 24 2015
samusaranz Level 213 Galicia Kaiser 4
Is the link skill glitch only for reboot? I have noticed my new kinesis link is not linking up to my main when I log on. I have to get on my kinesis then relog to my main for it to link again >.> it is annoying. I am in GRAZED btw.
Dec 24 2015
sharkymikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
@Samusaranz No, the bug occurs in all the worlds, Hope Nexon addresses this issue soon!
Dec 24 2015
saipanda Level 60 Bellocan Page
i left my funded characters in scania for reboot.

no regrets
Dec 24 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I left behind about 7 years of history in Windia and now I think I'm staying in Reboot (unless I get bored and wanna randomly mess around on a character in Windia).
Dec 24 2015
voidwreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
I played in Reboot for a few days, and couldn't stand the lag. It makes the gameplay very choppy and uncomfortable. I also was not happy at the fact that I would have to create all my link mules over again. So I went back to Windia. I've invested way too much time in Windia just to throw it all away. Reboot is fun, no doubt, but I just don't have the time nor patience to start from scratch all over again.
Dec 24 2015
onlinegame Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
+1 A player in Reboot needs to make atleast 100m per day to not be homeless and 500m per day to live above the poverty line. Since Reboot opened, I've probably spent 10b+ and I'm barely at 100k range on my NL. But, I do have over 200% boss and 90% PDR. Thats something I would have never been able to achieve in Scania.
Dec 24 2015
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