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Is magnus even possible for a marksman?

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I hate the yellow rings he uses. It's way too fast and our flash jump is frustratingly short.. I keep constantly dying by that skill.
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@natty2: no.... DS has Bind and doesnt have to rely on wingbeats to deal some damage -_-, if magnus keeps moving then kaiser gets cropped.
Jun 10 2013
Mirabosh Level 196 Windia F/P Arch Mage
It's actually easier on a Kaiser vs a DS if you have a minimum of control, but I don't see the problem with DBs. Asura just destroys Magnus like any other boss if you time it well. If you weren't raging constantly at him you'd notice the stunning gas is only on the sides of the map, the middle being completely free of it. Kaisers too take a long time to buff and I never have any problem. Just control Magnus, don't let him into the half of the map where you spawn. And that spinning move the DBs have, it can hit Magnus in the air no...? His spin attack KB can be avoid by rushing and for his rush move you just have to walk toward him. If you can't tank more than 2 hits from his rush / green ball, it's just because your magic def is horrible. If you can't get magnus under 75% hp, you can blame yourself for having terrible control.

OT: I don't even think MMs have the required DPS to solo Magnus... even on a Kaiser 15min is a fast kill
Jun 10 2013
@Kazzooey You obviously have never been an aran....
Jun 10 2013
@kuroda arent mechanics even slower than buccs?[/quote]

I can't judge that well because i have max speed, but at least they have a movement skill.
We don't.
Jun 10 2013
Splutter Level 205 Broa Corsair
Don't buccaneers have Spiral Blow and iframes?[/quote]
iframes don't work on magnus, unfortunately.

OT: Yes, it's possible. I've done it on my corsair and recoil is even whimpier than archer's flash jump. When he's doing his yellow attack, first you'll see it appear over him first. When that happens, just run away as far as possible so you're out from his range. That's the only way I can survive it.
Jun 10 2013
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