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Is my bowmaster Weak?

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kyeame Level 186 Windia Bow Master
Im a level 186 bow master
Is my bow master to weak/average or strong?
with all buffs i have 72000 damage.
im honestly not sure if thats good or not
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kyeame Level 186 Windia Bow Master
@beefly: my range, my bad for not saying.
Jan 28 2017
kyeame Level 186 Windia Bow Master
@beefly: i do have the set. but i dont really use scrolls. though i do upgrade through star force enchantment. Also can you give my an idea of how much damage i SHOULD be doing
Jan 29 2017
inkpan Level 122 Mardia Aran 4
There's no real amount of damage you should be doing. I think your equipment just isn't that great right now.

Range is dependent on what you have access to. Basically, your damage is what it should be but not comparable to anybody with better equipment.

Edit: If you want to increase your range a bit for cheap you can start by buying some cheap (relatively) gear from the auction house (dea sidus earring/silver blossom ring/royal black metal shoulder/ etc. ) then farm easy magnus every day to (hf) loot some relevant nova gear for your character's class. That + pensalir/utgard and all that's left is to spell trace/enhance.

EDIT: You will need to invest in dex%/stat % in general eventually if you want to get past 100k eventually though. It'd just be too much of a hassle otherwise.
Jan 29 2017
kyeame Level 186 Windia Bow Master
@inkpan: thanks, thats rly helped
Jan 29 2017

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