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Is nexon still trying to grow maple?

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napoleon97 Level 10 Bera
Or have they just given up on it? All this new content coming thats making the game "more fair", will these even make an effect at this point? I feel like Nexon especially KMS is working really hard with new content to bring back players but will it even work? Can good content actually rise up?
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halfway Level 52 Khaini Hunter
Can good posts actually be made? What is RED
Dec 01 2013
every player comes back eventually.
Dec 01 2013
KonoKazuya Level 200 Windia Aran 4
Hey, quick question what is RED for and why did Nexon make it?
Dec 01 2013
Crizit Level 221 Broa Corsair
Uhm, Seeing that broa's population doubled in the last week [Was 600-1200 onlines for MONTHS, And now its 1800~2500]
I guess nexon improved the game in a way? And in RED, of course, with the new cubes and much more.
But it might just be because of thanksgiving. Who knows.
Dec 01 2013
Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
I bet if I quit now, I would return in a week.
Dec 01 2013
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Well yes. They think that if they make the game more fair, it'll be easier for beginners, so people won't quit as often?
And yeah people are actually coming back for RED, even before RED comes out.
Dec 01 2013
iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
Maple is pretty populated atm. Feels nice again
Dec 01 2013
Well, they've been rolling out higher level content at a much faster pace then before. So yes, they're still developing stuff for it.
Dec 01 2013
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