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Is nutritional health always uncertain?

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beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
This section has been dominated by this 1 dude who talks about his possibly hot body. Days later I ran into a reddit comment about how nutritional info constantly changed, which I then lead myself into this thread.

Why is it that when it comes to nutrition nothing is ever concrete? It's more like "this causes this, no wait this thing really does that" "actually don't eat it its bad" "but its good if u have this" "no ur wrong aosdkfalk!"

So much confusion over what nutrients we need, what foods give them, and on top of that our own lifestyle and medical information must be taken into account as well. Is kale really healthy as people say it is or does it have some hidden killing mixture within it? What else will we find about kale and is it even true?

It's no secret (well.. now it's not) that fast food causes fat, it has lots of grease and oil in the first place. The confusion starts when you look closely into certain types of foods or foods we never look into. I mean some people eat more because they do more, so it makes sense, but not doing more makes you fat. I'm no nutritionist so I really don't think I know any better than anyone else. I question them though because nothing seems to be stable, even the food pyramid has been adjusted. Like there are people who question the healthiness of grains. There are people who do some mystical diet and it may or may not work. It's all a mystery to me except the very basics. Sugar & oil = fat, and natural whole foods = healthy. But whole foods is difficult to find or pay because who wants to grow food that dies or spoils often and sell it for cheap? This kind of goes into the whole pesticide/GMO section. Who's even giving that new info anyways can it be trusted or is it just trying to sell you something?

Lots of past research has been skewed by companies trying to avoid harm and promote sale. This only makes what information we've gathered over the years even more confusing. Like sugar companies tried to but most of the fat blame on oily foods. I also heard cold cereal is a breakfast thing to sell more processed sugary corn products. You get the idea.

And whoever experiments diets on humans.. that can't work. We're too complex in other ways, like some of the people being testing might have some developing disease nobody's aware of. Or maybe someone else lived in a more polluted area than someone else.

And another thing about natural foods, how natural do we go? Because technically the whole foods we eat are not natural, bananas aren't supposed to look like that and never did at first anyways. Cooking isn't natural, we started that stuff, but if we eat raw we may get sick. It seems to me it's a sort of death by pathogens vs death by chemicals. Wild animals don't live as long as those in captivity, credit for the medicine, but I'm sure we do our best to make sure the food we feed them is also at the very least not dangerous. I don't know man, I guess if you can see a doctor you can record your ever changing diet to find the best one unique to your body and lifestyle. That's probably why United States have some pretty unhealthy people.

tl;dr: diet is too confusion except that natural foods is good, and processed food is not, but then you gotta look at your wallet. Research in diet is more confusing than tangled spaghetti. You are more complex than a chart.
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Is nutritional health always uncertain?

0%0 / 3yes it is
33%1 / 3no its not
66%2 / 3its confusing because groups screw with it
0%0 / 3what about exercise


peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
Too many variables come into play, and it differs from person to person. Plus nutritional science is relatively new, so there aren't too many certainties when it comes to how much of something you should eat. My personal rule of thumb is to just eat veggies and keep the junk food at a minimum.

If push comes to shove, you can always see a dietitian.
Apr 21 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
The mistake is assuming that nutritional science must always be perfect, must always have all the right answers at this moment right now and should operate as if corporate interests don't matter (but how can we engage in science without the funds and resources available?), as it would be the same mistake to assume the same for any other science.

There are very clear general principles involved when it comes to nutrition, however (ex. too much junk food may not be good for you), much like how any other subject operates on their own general and universal principles. If you're that curious enough, you should do your own research into the finer details to see what might work for you.
Apr 21 2017
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
it doesn't help that people encourage fatties to stay fat. if a fatty posts a pic there's always people thats like "omg ur perffff" or "SLAY GIRL."

don't worry, i just sit back and laugh at the impending heart attack at 25 years old that their friends helped cause
Apr 21 2017
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
$$$ is to blame, nutrition is the market of manipulation. make people beleive something is healthy and literally roll in the bucks. people used to think cane sugar and trans fat where good for us, made several generations fat.$$$ controls it all. best thing you can do is take intuitive and research what is really good for us and whats just a fad to bring in money. there are multiple studies done but the are either small studies or studies that are not talked about because it can hurt a large companies profit
Apr 22 2017
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
Calories in vs calories out. Your body can't really distinguish the difference between calories from a McDonald's hamburger to a all natural grass feed hamburger. So if you work hard as much as I do. I can eat a whole pizza. It wouldn't matter if I got the 2.5k calories from pizza or 5 friggin pounds of kale. What is also really important to know is digestible properties.

UNLESS you are blending up all those natural foods lol, you will lose out on almost all of their benefits. I highly doubt anyone is eating a whole orange. Or sucking the bone marrow out of the chicken they are eating.

I usually eat sugars after my morning exersice because if my blood sugars are to low I won't be able to conduct myself properly through the day. I will lethargic, just a mess. It's also very important to understand when to eat your meals. So there is something behind eating "twelve" meals a day. You should only take it into consideration if you are bodybuilding though.

It is t expensive to eat healthy AT ALL. I can't cook my own food but I still manage.

Example is
Eggs/peanut butter/sausages/
Cottage cheese/yogurt/milk
Apples/grapes/blue berries/ watermelon

BAMCIS! You got a breakfast that is easily 800 calories.

Btw if you want to get your calories from mostly veggies you need to eat a fair amounts of fats to help with digestion.
Apr 22 2017

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