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Is seekingcuteguys a troll?

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aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
i refuse to believe that such person can exist in real life. but at the same time, if he's a troll, he's an incredibly dedicated one and I also refuse to believe that someone would put that much effort into trolling.

so what is he? someone who is a bit crazy? or a troll?
Posted: October 2016 Permalink


yawnnzzzz Level 136 Scania Luminous 3
Yup, he is
Oct 12 2016
rocksycode Level 43 Khaini Cleric
+2 @ashleyattacked

he used to be TheAxelFenrir many ages ago. he was a normal basiler back then. he still made cute boy threads but those did not define who he was. i believe growing up in a bigoted asian household, years of sexual repression, and maplestory dismembered his identity. loves u gurl
Oct 12 2016

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