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Is the patch the full one or should we wait?

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Darkies Level 205 Scania Blaze Wizard 4
Maplestory is being update to v 137 not 135

The actual size is 316 mb or so.
Jun 20 2013
I smell keylogger+hack[/quote]

Did you even read the url?
Jun 20 2013
pokemon1188 Level 155 Bera Hero
Why is there a 2 in front of download?
Jun 20 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
@pokemon1188: Don't worry it's real. I suggest downloading the version 137 so you'll be ahead of everyone else when the maintenance is finished.
@Rapptz: Would the one with 137 that the TS linked work as well though?
Jun 20 2013
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