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Is there a way to re accept the cube event?

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newgodiydit Level 195 Scania Night Lord
I wanted to do the 10 elite monster quest on a mule so I had to forfeit it on my main, and then I couldn't accept it on my mule, I can't accept it on my main (I just can't see it) and I am no longer inside the quest.
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battleox288 Level 211 Scania Mechanic 4
@darksword: Omg bless you. Hopefully this will fix it for me
Aug 26 2015
newgodiydit Level 195 Scania Night Lord
@newgodiydit @battleox288

You may want to refer to this thread:
[url=]Forfeiting Cube Mission Event quest makes it unable to be completed by any character[/url][/quote]
Thanks a lot, hopefully they will let me get all the cubes, cause I will miss yesterday and today probably.
Aug 27 2015

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