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Is this glitch happening to anyone else?

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jordandaguy Level 54 Scania Demon Avenger 2
When using the glide to move around with demon slayer it usually glides as long as I hold down the jump button and when I let go it makes my character fall back down. Now however, when I press the jump button and glide when I let go it wont stop gliding no matter what I press. its not the button cause I tried switching it to other hotkeys. Plus in dimensional invasion pq when the bombs are falling they dnt fall they just stay in the air not moving. I tried relogging and all that. nothing is working.
Posted: July 2017 Permalink


gakinotsukai Level 205 Bera Bishop
DLL corruption.

open command prompt (cmd) and type shutdown /r /t 0 for a full windows restart. It'll fix after that. Whenever you start to get random glitches that'll generally fix it.
Jul 13 2017
jordandaguy Level 54 Scania Demon Avenger 2
+1 Thank u kind bear man. It worked
Jul 13 2017
cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
it bc nexon istapping into ur game and glitching it so u have to pay more money for it 2 go away
u can pay the money and nexon will notice and remove it
Jul 16 2017

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