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It's a MapleWorld WORLD - Charity Water Video

By nickyu

nickyu Level 170 Scania Phantom 4
Sep 19 2012 This video is about buying karma koin so the poor can drink clean water, help as much as you can

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RubberDonkey Level 68 Scania Assassin
Her face is shiny o_o

aand @OneRockGod: Wat. this has nothing to do with tempest.[/quote]

Check 0:18 again.
Sep 19 2012
RazorNion Level 205 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art RazorNion is intoRazorNion
+1 hows compleating quests gona effect the money that u get? [/quote]

Nexon logic: quests = ? = money = donate
Sep 19 2012
So.... Basically Nexon is saying they want to donate money to charity: water, and they don't want to do it w/o announcing it... in a sense they're advertising it.
And... at the same time Nexon is also saying they want maplers to feel like they are a part of the donation Nexon makes since we're the ones that provide them the money to donate.
Hence, we are being a part of it by "donating" our time into the game. And what does it mean for Nexon if we do these quests? ...Well it basically shows that people are playing their games = profit in the long run. People slowly begin associating Nexon no longer as a big money guzzling company that steals from kids, but now we say, Nexon is a nice company that cares about people w/o water.


And hence the ulterior motive.

I apologize. I is cynic.
Sep 19 2012
Ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
+1 I realize I'm falling prey to marketing schemes, but I feel better about purchasing Karma Koin now.
Also, holy sheeto Tempest in December everyone get your party hats on!
Sep 19 2012
Hmmmm..... what do i get from it?
Sep 19 2012

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