Sad Mask
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Chaos Pink Bean 2

Level: 130
2 ItemsATK/M.ATK +10, DEF/M.DEF +300

Eligible items

Chaos Pink Bean Mark, Loveless Executioners, Loveless Bardiche, Loveless Allargando, Loveless Pescas, Loveless Katara, Loveless Persona, Loveless Ellintear, Loveless Nibleheim, Loveless Tabarzin, Loveless Bellocce, Loveless Alchupiz, Loveless Diesra, Loveless Engaw, Loveless Black Beauty, Loveless Lampion, Loveless Equinox, Loveless Blindness, Loveless Black Blooms, Loveless Black Eradicator, Loveless Icehand, Intricate Fan of Altruism, Intricate Great Sword of Creation