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Item price check?

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eggzington Level 186 Khaini Dark Knight
I'm not sure whether to post this here or the general chat, or even somewhere else that I haven't found yet so here goes.

lv 120 necro hat (clean) (unique)
  • all skill levels +1
  • int +6%
  • trash line

How much could I sell this for? Or should I just keep it for the +1 all skill levels potential. How useful is that for... say, a battle mage?
Posted: November 2015 Permalink


tds1993 Level 202 Bellocan Bishop See what games, anime & art tds1993 is intotds1993
I'd say that the fact it's a level 120 hat that it's not worth much as it'll be replaced pretty quickly (that's my opinion though). If it's still tradeable after equipping it just use it for now and at least you'll still have the option to sell it if you can
Dec 02 2015

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