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Item upgrades path for non funded reboot player

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gingakuman Level 74 Khaini Night Walker 3
Noob needs advice! Reboot server.
I recently reached 120 and I am now thinking about upgrading my equips.

My current equips are:

Zakum Helm : 5 Star/EPIC (I ANVILED A LV 40 Hat...Now I regret doing)
Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory: 0 Star/RARE
Condensed Power Crystal Face Accessory: 0 Star/RARE
Skull Earrings : 5 Star/ EMPTY
Dark Pirate Top: 5 Star/EPIC
Dark Pirate Pants: 5 Star/RARE
Dark Pirate Boots: 5 Star/RARE
Blood Larceny Gloves: 5 Star/RARE
Curbrocks Belt: 5 Star/EPIC
Curbrocks Ring: NA
Curbrocks Shoulder Acc: NA
Heavy Violetta Cape: 5 Star/ EMPTY
Range is 24k-28k (pathetic, I know)
What are some upgrade paths I can easily achieve with the biggest boost in range? I was thinking of just transferring hammer my old equips to 120 armors...

However, most armors are overall for thief!! Doesn't that mean I get less potential? I also can't transfer my old gear onto an overall.

So, it would be wiser to hold on to the level 80 gear (Black Pirate set) to get the bonuses and more potential?

I would like to have a range of 100k. Or, is that too much for my level?

Mesos wise: I have only 80m.
I reaaaaaaally do not want to make a Kanna...
But it seems that I must drop my NW to start a Kanna
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mrmoogle Level 212 Reboot Night Walker 4
Your range is fine. When you get to 140, use penslair set. Do gollux prequests for gollux sets then. You really don't want to spend mesos on your gear until you have CRA/tyrants or other end game items. It's just a waste in the end. With the way things are set up now, you don't need range until 200.

Unless you have a 2nd computer, you'll want to have a kanna eventually. It only takes a few hours to get to 140 anyway. And it's a good link skill.
Mar 01 2017
jeff9569 Level 207 Reboot Phantom 4
The best thing you can do right now is creating epic potential items (3 line or 6% luk) for head, two overall pieces (for transferring to CRA gears later), shoes, glove, earring using the equipment fusion. You can buy the lv 10 equipments and lv 15 earring from the hene NPC shop. When you have all the epic lv 10 items, you need to transfer em over to level 110 blue dragon set. When you do that and starforce your equipment to level 10, you will be able to reach around 60-70k range, and this will allow you to solo normal hilla.

Hilla will drop necro equips, and you need to transfer your level 110 equip's potentials and starforce over to necro set.

Furthermore, use the unique potential scroll from the event to get your secondary to unique, and roll for atk 9%.

When you do all this, you will be able to get to around 100k range, and you will be able to solo horntail for horntail necklace, earring, and ring.

I pretty much played the game in solo player mode, so I learned all these the hard way, but I hope you have easier time.

p.s. do not use muspell or pensalier set as they are useless. Rather, do your von leon prequest in order to earn von leon set (level 130) and transfer over your necro potentials and stars. The set effect is good enough to last till level 200.
Mar 06 2017

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