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Its Official, Sword Art Online x Maplestory Patch

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Waving Level 203 Broa Shade 4
-_- Really nexon.

[url=]Background says it all -_-[/url]

Here is a screenshot if it doesnt show for you... Screenshot

Edit: LOL it changed back to the old update background.

Raw Background Image Here
Posted: September 2014 Permalink

Its Official, Sword Art Online x Maplestory Patch

19%16 / 84Yes!!!!!
5%5 / 84Stupid...
51%43 / 84Mi Fernando Kim, 2m-2m, Boss All day, no care


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xDigiwave Level 180 Bera Xenon 4
Why nexon...whyy
Sep 10 2014
Micahmer Level 174 Renegades Blaze Wizard 4
Wait...I feel like I'm missing something. Still looks the same to me.
Sep 10 2014
taotapp Level 161 Windia Shadower
In a way, Sword Art Online and Maplestory have a lot in common. Both started with a lot of promise, only to turn to utter garbage and disappoint their original fans in the end. I think it's fitting that we're getting an SAO patch.
Sep 10 2014
headphones Level 135 Mardia Hayato 4
whats sword art?
Sep 10 2014
Waving Level 203 Broa Shade 4
Apparently it hasnt update for some people yet lol

Sep 10 2014
djmaxaaron Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
OMG SOA. ty kirito chan but it's probably not real.
Sep 10 2014
healer55 Level 185 Reboot Blade Lord
lol i don't see that at all.
Sep 10 2014
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