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JNRE Episode 1 Video

By iFalLiN4u

iFalLiN4u Level 152 Scania Buccaneer
Jan 24 2011 New maple series that I have started.
Hope you enjoy!

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Lolll "shes just jacked up on medication"...
xD was funny
Jan 24 2011
Gaosaurusx3 Level 212 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
honestly never saw that coming lol
i suggest different colour text for each person, to help Tainysi and others like him
Jan 24 2011
OMFG 3333333333333333333333333
Love this make more! and post it on basil pleaseeeeeeee make more >8D
Jan 24 2011
xNightAngelx13 Level 176 Bera Mercedes 4
oh god that really didn't make much sense lol
The lip sync wasn't that great either Make it a bit more unique with the storyline
Or it'll look like every other heny hoe series i've seen in maple youtube land >_>
Jan 24 2011

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