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Jett or Blaze Wizard or Phantom

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shokbear425 Level 152 Nova Zero Transcendent
Hey guys.
Please vote on which one you think is the most fun and also which one is best at mobbing AND which one is best at bossing.
(Just average it out and vote for the best class).
I know that Jett and Blaze Wizard aren't in much polls so I want to see if they're better than Phantom...
Posted: September 2014 Permalink

Jett or Blaze Wizard or Phantom

34%9 / 26Jett
38%10 / 26Blaze Wizard
26%7 / 26Phantom


freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
blaze wiz excels at both mobbing and bossing compared to the other two.
blaze wiz has ignore elemental and really long range mobbing
Sep 24 2014
narubaka13 Level 208 Scania Dark Knight
Blaze wizards are really great.
-Strong without too much funding.
-Insane attack range(great for getting a lot of mobs/keeping distance from bosses).
-Revive skill
-a nicer "knockoff" of I/L's Frozen Orb, imo, because of the larger hitbox. Just doesn't attack as fast but it does basically the same damage as your main attacking skill.
Sep 24 2014
elpanaj8 Level 185 Windia Battle Mage 4
BW but consider that even after the nerf BW is still a really good class, Jetts are amazing too i really liked the class but the lack of def may be a issue as for phantom well go for it if yu have a lot to unlimited fund since phantom needs a lot of it to deal really good dmg even more after the nerf on chain and torret
Sep 25 2014
westfordhobo Level 58 Renegades Phantom 2
Bowater is life.
Sep 25 2014
shokbear425 Level 152 Nova Zero Transcendent
I'm currently going like this:
Blaze Wizard > Phantom > Jett
IDK if i should choose BW or Phantom because BWs seem really good but Phantoms are fast, has a lot of buffs but they don't have much active skills...
But isn't BW's defense worse than Phantom because Phantom can have Iron Body?
Sep 25 2014
MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
The blaze wizard nerf affecting you can be simply negated by not maxing Orbital Flame or waiting to put points into orbital flame hypers until after the nerf.
Also, Blaze wizards have a lot of defensive passives. They're not as tanky as Phantom with defensive buffs they're pretty tanky compared to some of the other mage classes.
Sep 25 2014

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