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pascalio95 Level 202 Windia Blade Master
Out of the 5 job types (warrior, thief, bowman, mage, and pirate), which is your favorite and why?
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Kiryuin Level 142 Khaini Wind Archer 4
Jul 17 2015
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Thief then Mage.[/quote]
Mage then theif
then warrior then bowman then pirates.

I just like magic, and mobility too. I trade speed for damage. But some classes I just like (e.g aran and Zero are cool)
Jul 17 2015
kelvin8604 Level 218 Broa Phantom 4
Order of favorite to dislike.
Thieves. They were known for their extreme mobility and high damage. However, after big bang, every class gained mobility and other class gained immense buffs. However, thieves remain one of my favorites.
Archers. Hurricane and snipe is gorgeous. Arrow rain and eruption were great.
Pirate. Rapid fire is gorgeous. Battleship was really fun in the old days too.
Warriors, because they probably lift.
Mages, because they don't lift.
Jul 17 2015
sighanide Level 215 Demethos Bishop
mage bc prettiest
Jul 17 2015
wallacesworld Level 177 Scania Night Lord
Thief, then another thief, then warriors, then pirates, then archers, and last and least our squishy mages!
Jul 17 2015
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