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pascalio95 Level 202 Windia Blade Master
Out of the 5 job types (warrior, thief, bowman, mage, and pirate), which is your favorite and why?
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smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
Warriors, because why not? It was my second class, and the first one I got to 200. Mages next because of super powers. I love flashy skills. Theives because thieves, and great bossing, nuff said. Not a big fan of bowman, why? Because I miss my transformation. Pirates, maybe, I loved buccaneers when they had their awesome transformations too, and much like life, no good things exist forever.
Jul 17 2015
TheWolf Level 115 Scania Ranger
warriors because i like swords and shields
Jul 17 2015
Baroo Level 135 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art Baroo is intoBaroo
Use to be Bowmen during the early years, then Pirates came along and I've preferred them since.
Jul 17 2015
DefenseNub Level 175 Bellocan Dark Knight
warrios b4 every1 and their mom got fj
Jul 17 2015
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