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By royalsquishy

royalsquishy Level 203 Scania Shadower
Dec 29 2011 teehee mercedes are so pretty. and @lilzara helped me with the horse anatomy, even though I still managed to break all its legs. >>;;

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MegaZord Level 81 Mardia Blaze Wizard 3 Justaway Guild
looks like she's about to light someone up.
and what makes it even cooler is that she's not even looking at them. badass.
Dec 29 2011
wao dis rlly cute, nice job :-)
Dec 29 2011
Gj on da pony..but that face.....doesnt resemble what i think a mercs face looks like.
Dec 29 2011
StiKman19 Level 171 Windia Kaiser 4
omigob you're alive and you're drawing. it's a christmas miracle
Dec 29 2011
Razorslash Level 11 Demethos
The horse face is PRICELESS . LOL *likeabosshorse*

epic gawdly picture
Dec 29 2011
Dang that horse is bigggg.
Love it [/quote]

and FATTTTTT lol jk

OT really nice job but no wings for horse? look at the actual mount
Dec 29 2011

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