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Junk Food Coins

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lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
+1 I've gotten 50 from 3 days of DIPQ on 1.6x drop, and about 4 hours of MP3 grinding.
They're just very low droprate, keep trying.
Nov 20 2015
swarmx53 Level 220 Windia Corsair Locust Guild
+3 Nice question! Celebrate with chocolate beignets!
Nov 20 2015
megascience Level 210 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art megascience is intoMegaScience
+1 Does anyone have any specific suggestions for farming coins? I've heard coins drop at Haven, so it isn't isolated to content monsters like DIPQ. In that case, could I get them from Alishan and Mysterious Path 3? Since Alishan opened, I've been doing event mobbing there since all the monsters are level 180 and have been dropping event items, not to mention I just need Dimension Portal or even just the lightbulb quest to get there.

And droprate suggestion... I already have Mutant Ribbon Pig and 20% Droprate Inner Ability, as well as Greed Pendant (although supposedly only for equips), and of course do during 2x.
Nov 20 2015
vmas Level 212 Scania Night Lord
+1 In 4.5 hours, I gained 17 coins at SDH... The drop rate is just insanely low. Grinded for another ~2 hours today and gained another 11.
Nov 20 2015
hyperactivity Level 221 Windia Demon Slayer 4
+1 After 1 day (8-9) of farming at SDH on pig/spider with greed pendent, I got 130. It drops but at really low rate. Hopefully it should speed up during 2x event.

Although it wasn't continuous farming, I did take hour breaks.
Nov 21 2015
jaffah Level 206 Broa Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art jaffah is intoJaffah
+1 omg you're not talking about food for once
the drop rate is really really low i get like 2-3 coins each dipq run with big spider + 18% drop rate inner
i suggest doing it during 2x event

also celebrate with some strawberry shortcake when you're done!
Nov 21 2015
megascience Level 210 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art megascience is intoMegaScience
+1 Wait until 2x Event, go into Evolution Lab with Droprate Cores and Familiars and any Droprate gear you have access to. I just got 5 coins with a 5% Drop core, 60% droprate familiar, 20% droprate Inner Ability, and my greed pendant. Hopefully this goes better after the day turnover.
Nov 21 2015
juubee Level 236 Renegades Mercedes 4
+1 He most likely farmed at stronghold. I only got the donut skin so far but my NL friend has 2/3 skins now.

I put on all drop rate to farm at fdh. Got like 100 coins in about 100 mins roughly.
Nov 21 2015
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