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Just restarted playing after a very long time amp i need help

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frenki6596 Level 178 Windia Kaiser 4
As the title says, i just restarted playing after a very long time and Windia was empty (back in my days it was one of the most popular servers). So i decided to start from the beginning in Bera, but during my absence many things changed and i am asking you for recommendations on which class to play.

Because i have to restart everything my funding will be non-existent and want suggestions on which job should i play between:

Battle Mage
Demon Avenger
Demon Slayer

I will mainly do mobbing (until i am strong enough to do good bosses).

I tried Illium but found it boring (and other classes are not appealing enough). I am not a DPS-freak so no need to overthink things.

Thank you.
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ecarina Level 242 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Of the 4 I'd say Demon Slayers are the best mobbers. Battle Mages are a bit lackluster since their main attack has such low reach (though Battle Mage mains will argue with me about that), Avengers largely rely on their 3rd job attack and their shields to mob, since their 4th job attack was nerfed.

Zeros are also very good mobbers but playing them involves a lot of different key presses and gets to be a pain after a little while. If you had to pick (for mobbing reasons), DS and Zero will both give what you're looking for, DS is just really good at it whereas Zero is just plain good at it.

It's worth noting though that DS gets a lot better at level 170, since their Hyper basically invalidates the need to spam Demon Lash, which means you can focus more on your stronger attacks. On the other hand, Zero is pretty much good the whole time.

Also I should mention that I don't main any of these classes, I've just played them to 200 (210 for the demons).
Feb 26 2018
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly

OT: They're all good mobbers, although BaM might get screwed by the heavy Bera server, and DS might get screwed if you die at a boss without a buff freezer/battleroid.

Go look at training videos of the 4. All I can say is I'm pretty sure the effort level in actually playing the job is BaM ≥ Zero > DS > DA, so keep that in mind.
Mar 01 2018
ecarina Level 242 Galicia Cannoneer 4
@beefly: I'd argue that DS is even easier to train than DA, since if you do it right you don't even have to move, Chaos Lock just teleports you where you need to go.
Mar 01 2018

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