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KMS 1.2.254 DPM Chart

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jaytokyo Level 204 Bera Blade Master
Appreciate this, However these charts are irrelevant I guess; Especially considering 80% of maplers can't actually "Play" well.

But either way, bless up for the information.
Apr 04 2016
natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
@abidinghero: With pleasure.
NOTHING in the table makes sense.

First of all, as a bishop myself, I cannot help but admit, I AM 100% BIASED. That doesn't get in the way of seeing realisticly where I am positioned among the rest of the people who cap, and I am aware that it's not high. And placing bishop as 2nd to last seems like PURE OPINION BASED, and that was my first clue.

Bishops got NOTHING BUT BUFFS, and among getting the cap increased to 108m *PER LINE*, I should also include increasing our main attack from 8 lines to 10 lines (that's basicly spammable 1.08B damage per attack).
Couple that with the fact that Bishops in KMS can hit speed cap,

Bottom line, you got yourself a contradiction.

Let's move on to LESS BORING stuff.
In no server, ever, in any situation, can a Shade be lower on the list than I/L mage, or Cannoneer.
The Numbers are completely off (espicialy if you take into account this golden thread:
That clearly shows the contradictions).

In fact, after watching carefuly this link:

it made me question if the chart maker was even aware of Cap-changes in KMS at all (great examples are Battle Mage not getting ANY buff at all, and still getting spot #6, while it's clearly outclassed by blaze wizard (couple that with +10m cap increase to BW) and Dawn Warrior getting extra 2 lines getting as low as #16, you can see how much BS in one list).
Why are you even considering taking this seriously?

Apr 04 2016
vivabasura Level 239 Demethos Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art vivabasura is intoBasura
@natty2: stop comparing this chart with the HPS thread, theyre completely different
and even if bishop got nothing but buffs they were at the bottom of the DPS chart anyway, it was expected they wouldnt climb many places
shade was always in the bottom too
probably someone should explain u the differences between DPS and HPS but im too lazy to do so
and no bw doesnt outclass battle mage in DPS, bw was always at the bottom row in past charts while bam was in the upper half (not to mention in that HPS thread bam beated bw too)
Apr 04 2016
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
I can't speak for how Shadower DPS changes at low funding once the Meso Explosion changes happen, or how much stronger DA gets with the Nether Shield changes. But outside of Evan, Dark Knight, F/p and Marksman the top 10 seems a little... unexpected? I get that this is purely calculated with skill %'s in ideal conditions using a base range but I think that's a bit misleading to say that a Buccaneer is better than a Kaiser / Zero or that a Battle Mage is better than a Wild Hunter or Night Walker.

Also why would you include Evan as #1 and #2 with different attack patterns and then again as tied for #3 with yet another attack pattern. You could just make a side note of where various attack patterns would go in the list.
Apr 04 2016
natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
@vivabasura: Okay, explain this:
Bishop has higher number of lines, they attack faster, have higher Cap, and do MORE damage per line than F/P mages.

IN ADDITION TO THAT, F/P mage suffered a number of nerfs to the face, over and over again.
Only buffs were to Megiddo Flame (number of lines, mainly), and The VERY SAME buff bishops got, to the Infinity buff.

And the person who made the list, as if they are unaware of that, decided to put F/P on top of the list.
I would LOVE to hear ANY KIND of explaination to that, given the fact that F/P is infirior to bishop IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. If you say "DoTs" I'll just remind you that DoTs were NERFED A LOT recently in number of ways, and that Bishops got higher cap EVEN TODAY.
HPS, DPS, DPM or w/e, I want to hear you tell me I'm wrong at this one.

@funkyflame: It's not about bishops, really.
But lots of things in the list don't make sense.
Apr 04 2016
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