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KMST[1.2.427] Lv.171 Paladin at Yellow Dragon Rexton Video

By danyx

danyx Level 156 Broa Phantom 4
Apr 10 2012 Seems like the rumor about HH working as max hp -1 on normal monsters was true, also seems like ACB isn't 2 hits after all ._.

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Pretty much the same maybe just a bit stronger but that's it.
Time to remove my pally
Apr 10 2012
heIIspawn Level 200 Scania Demon Slayer 4
why does hh still does the same crap as before
Apr 10 2012
ibrahim65432 Level 123 Bera Phantom 4 See what games, anime & art ibrahim65432 is intoibrahim65432
Its pretty not fair... A lvl 150 dark Knight and Pally hits more. Like 100k per attack and pally is at most 80k at lvl 171... I call for revamp.
Apr 10 2012
nightdrks Level 203 Bera Blade Master
just saying but i do like more dmg than this using red whip only
(5k range) unless those monsters arent weak to holy then i guess she has like 8k range

shes unfunded any1 with like a decent wep and a set of 3% items can do 100k+dmg on blast on weak monsters
not to mention that charges r even getting buffed
Apr 10 2012

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