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KMST 1.2.427 - Lv171 Warrior: Dark Knight Video

By PhantomE

Apr 06 2012 Dark Knight skill changes
-Power Strike (1st): Damage increased
-Slash Blast (1st): Damage increased
-Dragon Buster (3rd): Damage increased
-Dragon Fury (3rd): Damage increased
-Sacrifice (3rd): Number of attacks and damage increased
-Dark Impale (4th): Damage increased
-Aura of the Beholder (4th): Amount of HP Recovery increased
-Beholder's Revenge (4th): Cooldown decreased
-Endure (4th): Skill Added. Passive skill that increases status resistance

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lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Was that 14k range? Hitting nearly 50kx5? Wow. My friend's DrK has 24k range buffed and only roughly hits 50kx5 O_O[/quote]

Unless your friend is in KMS, its because dark impale gets boosted to 180% from the next alliance update, and then 190% after another warrior update.
Apr 09 2012

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