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KMST[1.2.434] Lv.126 Battle Mage Vs Future Tokyo Boss Video

By Psydei

Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
Jun 17 2012 New BaM revamp.

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oAZNvTOFUo Level 31 Renegades Demon Slayer 2
twister spin grows bigger? yessss
Jun 17 2012
Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
twister spin grows bigger? yessss[/quote]

Yep, look at this other video
Jun 17 2012
RubberDonkey Level 68 Scania Assassin
Wow, look at the cooldown for twister. The cooldown starts AFTER the twister ends. Even though I don't like super transform anymore, that should have been how transform's cooldown work since big bang.

edit: meh, most cooldown skill should work like that too.
Jun 17 2012
Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
umm this new twister is just a purple version of that phantom skill[/quote]

Phantom's skill doesn't drag monsters
Jun 18 2012
SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
I'm only here because I really liked the music.
Jun 18 2012

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