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KMST Buccaneer 5th job short video

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highhorsery Level 151 Scania Paladin

Transform is back, but it looks the same. This looks really lazy because I was hoping they updated the look. Spirit bomb is eh, and teleport skill is just copying kaiser's.
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highhorsery Level 151 Scania Paladin
It just looks weird as hell when you use skills that has transform spirit in it. Hope they clean it up later so it's just you when you use transform.
Jun 26 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
@tricks122 curious to hear what you think about this update for buccs
Jun 27 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+4 I can't give a 'proper' comment because I don't know what they've done to every other 5th job class, especially when I don't have something like detailed patch notes or a test server(Mainly to understand HOW some of the skills work). But I guess I was going to watch this anyways and comment; I think there's only 3-4 actual new skills I can notice(Do note I'm watching in fairly low quality, so I might've missed things).

It essentially looks like we got a Teleport that can be used at any point. I'm frankly kind of meh about this. Nexon's obsession with enforcing mobility is a problem that promotes class homogenization, and while it's useful(The same way as Octopush is), I'm not a huge fan. It looks like it can animation cancel and the range is pretty damn far; it's definitely useful, it kind 'fits' in the class if they're going with the kind of saiyan brawler mentality(Which I love!), but I feel like it should REPLACE Octopush. I'm guessing that the new skill has some form of cool-down, since Octopush is used a fair bit, but I'm just biased against having every damn class have a Flash Jump; Buccaneers would be a bit more unique with a 'glorified' Teleport that's not usable mid-air and animation cancels(Or can be 'telecasted' ). I'd much rather Buccaneers have a ground-based game, especially with the vertical range this gives for moving between platforms.

I'm not sure exactly WHAT the Transformation state is doing. It looks like it has a duration, so I'm assuming it has a cool-down. What buffs or abilities does it unlock or have? Nexon, in the past, has proven themselves to be HORRIBLE at balancing limited duration transformation states(Buccaneers were trash, in part, because of how they failed to balance the 720 second cool-down Super Transformation way back when, along with it lacking power compared to more sustained damage). If they actually managed to properly balance it, then my biggest complaint is the Transformation Sprite still showing during my moves. I honestly hate that thing, and it doesn't make sense to have it appear when WE'RE transformed; I LOVE that they went back to our roots for this skill, but having two of the same sprites active looks kind of dumb. It's like if Band of Thieves always summoned the same bandits(They had 4-5 they could visually summon), or if Evan just turned into a dragon and did the same animations as his dragon; it's kind of dumb, it doesn't really make that much sense and it looks graphically poor. Otherwise... good decision if Nexon balanced it right this time.

The last skill I see is the huge ball of energy that gets tossed. Thematically, I'm okay with this. It looks like a huge ball of Energy, seems to have a short-ish duration/travel time and fits part of the Energy based aspect. I'm not sure about its properties; it looks like it pierces enemies, but I don't know if it always gets summoned in the same location, what the cool-down(If any) is, etc. It definitely has potential, and it looks like it clears about a whole platform; whether it stops when it runs out of stuff to hit or not(Since it seems to stop right when it stops colliding with enemies), it's definitely an interesting skill. Now we just need a few punching skills(Octopunch barely counts because it looks so... quick and weak, but that's just me) and the removal of the Transformation sprite from skills like Spiral Assault and Octopunch, and I'm fine with the skill diversity. It's clear they haven't changed Buccaneer Blast much(If at all), and it's still going to be a dominant mobber, but they've at least added something new that competes with it because it can touch an area of the screen that Buccaneer Blast can't. It gives some great vertical dominance.

Overall, I'm... at least interested. I can definitely see some problems; if every class has a Teleport-like ability, it's just going to be the Flash Jump problem all over again. The Super Transformation sprite on skills when not transformed looks pretty silly, and it doesn't make sense to 'summon a superhuman being' if I AM that being(It's one of the reasons I dislike Evan on a personal note; why would I want my power to be split between me, and someone who casts ALL my skills for me? At least Alpha/Beta for Zero actually fight...). I'm not really TOO hopeful, because Nexon has shown they can't really balance a Transformation state in the past; even classes like Kaiser(At least at one point) weren't incredibly interested in using it for better damage(It was mainly used, if you capped or were near cap, to punch through Damage Reflect/Physical Invulnerability). If they've learned their lesson... it's got a lot of potential, and it's great that they gave us back Transformation. Now they just need to make sure they execute 5th job(As a whole) properly, and update the visuals for older skills and I'm at LEAST pleased with it, which is frankly more than I've been for pretty much ANY Buccaneer update Nexon has put out(Mainly because each one gutted and destroyed the class, without ever actually fixing their damn problems).

Small edit: @uwotm8 I kind of agree. I'd like to see a few more fist-based skills(Think Barrage and Corkscrew Blow, even Double Uppercut level). All the Energy stuff is nice, and it fits as flavor, but having a few skills that go back to our 'roots' as a class that punched things would be really welcome. More limiting? Sure. That can be balanced if Nexon puts the effort; hell, Barrage and Demolition could've been saved if Nexon balanced them, but they took a different path. I'd kill for a Barrage like skill again, especially if it has some form of invincibility frames that don't extend for several seconds and actually takes more skill to use properly(Because then it can actually deal damage).
Jun 28 2016
nayeff Level 120 Bera Night Lord
this made me comeing back and fund my bucc :O i quit maple cause they removed supertransform !!
Jun 30 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
@ereckgoose Why play a Buccaneer if it doesn't have the concept(s) that you enjoy? I main one partially due to stubbornness, but mainly because I like punching things and fell in love with old Buccaneers. When you start doing what Nexon did/does, which is cookie cutter mobility skills that all function similarly, you start removing the identity of a class. It's a problem with their game design that forces all classes to have 'x' number of generic skills to perform well during bosses(When, instead, they could create interesting and limiting mechanics; Crimsonwood Keep PQ had them, along with the sub-level 70 boss Balrog that limited you to second job skills, and it's possible to create more than punching bag bosses that cast various Status Effects and 1/1 you... even Magnus has an interesting mechanic, albeit somewhat oddly balanced, with his Meteors).

I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't like the direction Nexon takes with giving every class vertical mobility and, unfortunately, people like you are all too willing to accept this as a change. The necessity for mobility comes from an overall flaw in their game-design; most of the bosses aren't based around 'mechanics' so much as 'strong attacks you NEED to avoid', and the latter means mobility is key. So you just have to keep piling on mobility to classes, and... well, eventually it gets dumb(Case in point; every class having Flash Jump if they're not a Mage). And then Nexon's next boss(es) have to take into account for the increased mobility, so the problem/gap between good/bad classes just gets larger and larger if they don't homogenize skills. Frankly, it's something I'd say is really unhealthy for the game, and it's led players to a point where if 'x' class doesn't have 'y' skill that's essentially copy/pasted from another class, it gets left behind in the dust in terms of viability, popularity, etc.

Is it useful? Absolutely. But the issue shouldn't be if it's useful or not, but is it HEALTHY for the game to do this, considering how similar many classes are already? There are far better ways to make classes survivable WITHOUT heaping on more and more mobility; Nexon has proven(To some degree, at least) that they CAN do this with classes like Paladins, and arguably old-school Arans(As well as Buccaneers if we're going back to that time). They just chose to forego it instead of expanding on them, and it's frankly hurt the game.
Jul 01 2016
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
@tricks122: Although I agree with you for the most part that Nexon is in essence stripping classes of their individuality, I disagree with you when you state that vertical mobility is the issue.

The Buccaneer SuperTransform has an uncanny resemblance to the Super Saiyan mode in DBZ, and in this anime, when in Super Saiyan mode these characters have the ability to essentially teleport, much like the revamped Buccaneer will have
^Or this
Jul 01 2016
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