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KMST New Boss Lucid, New 200 lvl equips Arcane Set

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thiefyslumi Level 176 Bera Aran 4
From KMST 08/11/16.
New Boss:Lucid
Difficulty: Harder than Lotus&Damien
HP:14 Trillion according to 9x HP

New 200lvl equips

Arcane Set(lvl 200)

2 set: MHP/MMP +2000, ATT/MATT +30
3 set: All Stat +50, ATT/MATT +35
4 set: ATT/MATT +40, Def+400, Ignore Def +10%
5 set: ATT/MATT +30, Boss Dmg +30%
6 set: MHP/MMP +30%, ATT/MATT +30
7 set: ATT/MATT +30, Ignore Def +10%
SAY GOODBYE TO CRAs and Absolabs


I am a Korean and my sources are trustworthy.
Every information is from
Pic Of Lucid:;no=1100897
Difference between Arcane weapon and Fafnir :
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thiefyslumi Level 176 Bera Aran 4
ppl in KMS will still use CRA tops and bots
Aug 11 2016
lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Isn't Lucid JUST 14.5 trillion? Having 9 life bars of that would be over 130 trillion health; Fairly certain it was said that each bar is 1.6 trillion.

On topic: As it is currently, the set is inferior to CRA + tyrant (if only because the overall potentially misses out on 36% stat, and the glove, shoes, and cape can't compete with their superior counterparts; if they get buffs this could change since the Fafnir set was buffed pretty significantly before it left KMST)

Hat, Shoulder and Weapon absolutely demolish anything else in the game though, pretty excited just for those pieces alone, hoping for buffs to the other pieces.
Aug 11 2016
+1 @domingo: Jealous of that mech's internet connection... my missiles would've been activating at like half the pace this player is using it at.
Aug 11 2016
magicalimage Level 189 Bera Night Walker 4
I'm wondering why Nexon is constantly trying to break an already broken game.
Aug 11 2016
lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
+1 @piana: Yes, same person. Shes been one of the commander's since a little before Twilight Perion's events took place (apparently, she ends up wandering into the Black Mage's dream on accident while he's still sealed away); she just has a new uniform now is all (I guess she changed uniforms after officially becoming a commander)
Aug 11 2016
noblequality Level 210 Scania Hero
Wouldn't CRA+ Tyrant or 15 star Tyrant Transposed SW still be better than this new set?
Aug 11 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Unless this new set gives out like 150 main+secondary stat I won't be using it. Oh yeah the weapons have to be at least 235 attack for most weapons and minimum 10 slots.

"SAY GOODBYE TO CRAs and Absolabs"

Don't get hasty. People speculated Sweetwater was going to replace CRA+tyrants. Nexon literally can't make a better set unless they go top/bottom/hat/weapon again.
Aug 11 2016
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