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KMST New Boss Lucid, New 200 lvl equips Arcane Set

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thiefyslumi Level 176 Bera Aran 4
From KMST 08/11/16.
New Boss:Lucid
Difficulty: Harder than Lotus&Damien
HP:14 Trillion according to 9x HP

New 200lvl equips

Arcane Set(lvl 200)

2 set: MHP/MMP +2000, ATT/MATT +30
3 set: All Stat +50, ATT/MATT +35
4 set: ATT/MATT +40, Def+400, Ignore Def +10%
5 set: ATT/MATT +30, Boss Dmg +30%
6 set: MHP/MMP +30%, ATT/MATT +30
7 set: ATT/MATT +30, Ignore Def +10%
SAY GOODBYE TO CRAs and Absolabs


I am a Korean and my sources are trustworthy.
Every information is from
Pic Of Lucid:;no=1100897
Difference between Arcane weapon and Fafnir :
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gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
It actually sounds like they might be good alternatives for busy unfunded folks that don't have the time to invest more than getting %6 epics on their gear at most.

I'd imagine that at least in GMS if you've spent a ton cubing and perfecting a full upgrade may not be worth the trouble but I'm sure some parts of the set could be used.
Aug 11 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
+1 It's a real hard sell. You need a 5 set to even things out. That's a hat, overall, weapon, shoulder and then you'd have to drop a tyrant item entirely just to min~max. Personally I'd just drop tyrant gloves.

Arcane Shade Hat (65 main stat/secondary stat, 7 attack/magic attack, 15% defense ignore, 11 slots)
Arcane Shade Suit (85 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 10% defense ignore, 12 slots)
Arcane Shade Shoes (40 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
Arcane Shade Gloves (40 main stat/secondary stat, 9 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
Arcane Shade Cape (35 all stats, 6 attack/magic attack, 7 slots)
Arcane Shade Shoulder (35 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 1 slot)
Arcane Shade weapons (100 main stat/secondary stat, 30% boss damage, 20% defense ignore, 8 slots)

From orangemushroom.
Aug 11 2016
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner

I would use the whole set if I could.
The choice is only hard for the perfectionist super-funded.
But, ironically, only the perfectionist super-funded could GET these items.
Aug 11 2016
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789

So the 3 set (Wep, Hat, Shoulder) is for sure better than CRA since the weps are sooooooooooooooooooooo much stronger and you get more att / stat from both the equips and the set (at 3). The main question becomes whether or not 4 set is worth it.

The overall clean has more stat / atk than the CRA Top/Bottom combined, only 4 less slots total. Already went over how the clean weapon is basically worth twice as much as priming a top or bottom, so scrolling is negligible. The hat has an additional 25 base stat and 5 att over the CRA hat. Basically what it comes down to is whether or not the 45 atk and 10 ignore def is worth the potential of a top or bottom. Also should be noted that this stuff is all going to be Tier 4 potential, meaning 13% legendary lines instead of 12.

Assuming you had 21% main pots, 4% bpots, and a 4% neb on your top and bottom, and you get a 23% main pot, 6% bpot, 4% neb on your overall, you lose 58 - 33 = 25% stat to gain 45 atk and 10 pdr.

TLDR: 3 set lv200 equips (Wep, Hat, Shoulder) is for sure the best route, 4 set (Overall) is iffy, anything beyond 4 set is definitely worse because Tyrants are much better than the rest of that set (assuming you get 10* or higher on your Tyrants).

Edit: Did some better math, the real difference (on average) is 27% stat (2 piece CRA) vs. +45 atk -25 all (Lv200 Overall). In most cases the 2 piece CRA will win, however if you are only beginning to fund and or you only want to focus on scrolling and cubing 1 item, you don't lose TOO much with the Overall. CRA Top and Bottom is still technically ideal.
Aug 11 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
+1 @littletlk: Don't worry they'll just put the items in gach boxes.

Polearm Booster: attack speed boost has been decreased"

Lol after all these years of 3 stage booster.
Aug 11 2016
samusaranz Level 213 Galicia Kaiser 4
Wow Aran polearm boost decreased? Not like this nexon. Now we need speed infusion or attack speed inner to hit cap? Y Nexon continue to crap on Arans is beyond me.
Aug 11 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
@alienstock: Depending on how easy they make the gear to get later on (6~ months) I'll probably just replace my tyrant glove and keep all the other tyrant gear.
Aug 11 2016
bigbater Level 150 Scania Bishop
seems like its gonna take a while to get the equips anyway... have to buy em from a coin shop
Aug 11 2016
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