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KMSt 1.2.019 Effect on Phantoms

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nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
Just gonna stream line this to make a common thread.

Stolen Skill Changes : Addressing changes made either to popularly stolen skills or the skill stealing system.
-Stealing Heal from Bishops is now prohibited.
-Arrow Blaster Turret has a 5s CD on re-placing.
-Dark Sight now turned off and put on CD for 5s if you dodge a %HP attack with it (ex. meteors in Magnus).

Phantom Skill Changes : Addressing changes made to actual Phantom skills.
-Shroud Walk will now be put on a CD based on the # of teleports (1-3) you use. *(ex. 1 tele = 3s cd, 2 tele = 6s, 3 tele = 9s)* -> not actual CDs, just an example.
-Judgement and Final Judgement Drop Rate buffs reduced from 20% to 5%.
-Blason (3rd job blue attack) damage increased from 200% to 250% and attack range increased.
-Milles damage reduced (amount not specified).
-Tempest damage reduced from 400% to 200%, # of hits increased from 1 to 3, 60% additional crit rate when using Tempest.

Overall Thoughts : Definitely a nerf overall but not a really bad one.
-Not being able to steal heal is only bad in certain situations but bad nonetheless.
-Turret having a 5s CD between placements is annoying but if you place it properly then it's not really much of an issue.
-Dark Sight nerf is pretty bad for Magnus'ing if you aren't good at dodging but otherwise not a huge loss.
-Shroud Walk CD could either be really painful or not that bad, we'll see once we actually get some #s.
-Judgement Drop Rate reduction is annoying but not devastating, although it makes Final Judgement even more worthless than I already consider it to be.
-Blason buff is basically meaningless because nobody uses that skill after 3rd job.
-Milles damage reduction hurts a fair amount since that's our main dps skill after it's delay is reduced. Also seems kind of pointless considering they just buffed it last patch...
-Tempest buff is a really good buff for the attack but the attack itself isn't very practical or useful in most bossing situations outside of Zakum or HT, so kind of meaningless imo.

Interested to hear thoughts from others since this is coming from the perspective of a fully funded Phantom, but I think most of us can agree that overall it's a negative.
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chinosz Level 51 Bera Night Walker 2
Wow that honestly seems liek a pretty huge nerf
Sep 02 2015
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
Wow that honestly seems liek a pretty huge nerf [/quote]

It's mostly just utility loss, not really a huge impact on dps. I'd still rather be a Phantom after this than an NW with the 30m sp cap =/
Sep 02 2015
chinosz Level 51 Bera Night Walker 2
@nitsua2789: I'm not a NW i'm a xenon XD
Sep 02 2015
aerodragoon Level 162 Windia Phantom 4 SkyPillar Guild

Well it's official: Phantom got Nexon'd

This is coming from a guy who has played Phantom from release multiple times and has deleted them multiple times so this guy is a Phantom lover, but the oldest Phantom noob
Sep 02 2015
nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
@chinosz : I was more saying that because I switched from my NW back to Phantom so I'm glad this nerf didn't make me wanna switch again =P

@aerodragoon : I don't think the nerf is really that bad. I've also been playing Phant on and off since release, remained it 3-4 times now, and even with these changes (if they make it to the final server) we're still much better off than we are now considering how strong the Phant buff from Reboot was.
Sep 03 2015
mckelway Level 212 Scania Phantom 4 Interest Guild
Dang this nerf I'm most sad about our drop rate nerf. Going from 20% +20% --> 5%+5% is significant in my mind. And with the nightlord's showdown being nerfed from 30% --> 10% iirc, that's huge. Goodbye my drop rate for farming event drops, quest drops, and boss drops. Also why in the world would they put a cooldown on shroud walk? "Why yes it seems like phantoms are abusing the hell out of shroud walk" said no one ever. But on the bright side I hope that Blason is one of those skills that can hit Magnus while its up in the air doing its purple flame burst thing. I usually cast the carte rose finale hyper or just idle.
Sep 03 2015
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