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Kaffleen likes to f6? Screen

By kaffleen

kaffleen Level 163 Scania Cannoneer 4
Jan 06 2011 I was bored again...

Is it too tan this time? o.e;
Took slightly longer to make than the last model. Now if only these can earn me some mes-- I mean money. :$


andddd Justin is noob.

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i will pay you windian mesos for a little figurine of my avatar of my Hero(not this apq mule im on now)
ill pay the shipping price to get it to my house

this is awesome work

pm me and lets work out some kind of deal(ill pay in non-game money if you dont want mesos)
Jan 06 2011
slamcity69 Level 153 Broa Buccaneer
Must learn how to make one...
+1 like
Jan 06 2011
niqht Level 171 Khaini Blade Master
This is amazing. You could make a business.
Jan 06 2011
only 15 likes?
Jan 06 2011
brute Level 125 Khaini Buccaneer
looks like bomberman
Jan 06 2011
davd127 Level 140 Khaini Bow Master
Can I eat it?[/quote]

I second this.
Jan 06 2011

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