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Kaiser dragon colors Screen

By Abirigion

Jul 19 2012 The colors are pretty ugly if you ask me. You get a random color every time you use a color change coupon. We get 1 from hot time (with his hat) and they cost 2 coins in the tempest shop. Im gonna keep using them until i get black.

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Thupie Level 187 Galicia Luminous 4
+1 Gay kaiser!
Jul 20 2012
I'd take the first one. Kinda looks like freuds onyx dragon
Jul 20 2012
Quazel Level 165 Windia Phantom 4
Those mixtures are...bleh.

Only good colors are black/yellow and blue/green.

Too much purple
Jul 20 2012
darkness846 Level 179 Windia Mercedes 4
They all look sexy too me that green one and those two blue ones
Jul 20 2012

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