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Kenta's Goggles - LUK 27% Screen


kRIPTAH Level 187 Bera Shadower
Jan 03 2012 My My beauties

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iplayms121 Level 152 Windia Hero
Im just waiting until these get duped..[/quote]

untradeable u cant even sok
Jan 03 2012
gamemage3 Level 130 Scania Evan 9th Growth
surprised people can't differentiate a pizza slice and the real server.

look at the stats, +30 everything. That's at least +25 on everything bonus. He scrolled it 2 times and it was around a +10 bonus on every stat.
You already have a 1% chance to get a +10 bonus on a stat, but +10 stat on 4 things 2 times is already as impossible as scrolling an 90 att helm.
Jan 03 2012
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
All 3 lines are 9% lol. Definitely not GMS.
Jan 03 2012
ItsDahNinja Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Never Mind ;/.
Jan 03 2012
Why so fake. It's impossible to get 9% on 3lines atm. Nice pizza slice mate.[/quote]

lol Impossible? No, it's just highly unlikely. Getting 9/9/6 is rare enough, but 9/9/9 is entirely possible.
Jan 03 2012

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