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Keylogger help please

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i think i got a keylogger cuz some guy made a thread and then there was a site with nudity, i didnt know. here can u get keyloggers without downloading anything or a virus? some guy said there was a virus too
dont click it

btw whats winlogon.exe some guy said to end process if u have 2
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it leads to the basil thread
Nov 06 2010
i got one winlogon, what happens if i end the process?
Nov 06 2010
Go **buy** a virus scanner like Avast, Avira, AVG, or Kaspersky. You can also just format your computer. That always removes any kind of malware.
Nov 06 2010
Does doing full scan on Malwarebytes anti-malware work?
Nov 06 2010
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