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Kind or Dumb?

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dragon11 Level 240 Scania Dark Knight See what games, anime & art dragon11 is intoDragon11
Today, I called my friend up who's late for work because he showed up late to go out and eat when he gets off. He recommended this ramen place because he heard it's extremely popular; indeed, it is considered there's a 30-minute wait. Luckily, we're a small party so we got seated fast but at the bar. Shortly after we ordered, a cute girl waiting in line caught my eye. Coincidentally, she was seated right next to us. I was expecting her to be part of a larger party but nope, just herself.

She looked like my age or maybe older but quite cute. After she ordered, she just sat there and looked around, admiring the restaurant apparently. She snapped 1 photo of the restaurant and then took out her earphones and listened to her phone. She wasn't texting or had any unread text messages. Also, I see no ring But honestly, something about her mesmerized me even when my friend was talking to me whom I unconsciously tuned out.

I really wanted to talk to her, I even stood up but I froze. This had never happened before but it's been while since I talked to girls for the first time. My friend was completely obviously because his back was facing her.

When it's time to pay the bill, my pen ran out of ink midway, so I got up asked the waiter for another pen. I also requested that I pay for that girl's bill in advance and anonymously. And kids, this is how I never met your mother.
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srai7 Level 202 Scania Zero Alpha See what games, anime & art srai7 is intoSRai7
Ahh missed opportunity . No stress though ! You have not destroyed your chances . You've learnt that when it comes to girls that "amazes" you , you have a hard time . I can't say whether paying for her bill was smart or not but it was indeed a nice thing to do . The only issue I'd have is you missed the chance to have gotten to know her ! I'd like to provide some suggestions for when you see someone that you'd love to talk to .

I've been in a similar situation beforehand so I'd like to believe I somewhat understand roughly how it feels . Anyway here's my suggestion by going through what I'd do if I see a girl that looks astonishing . First I'd try to pull my thoughts back together . Second I'd look at at what's happening , think of a way to start the conversation with her . Third before excuses come up I'd walk to her , give a slight smile and greet her . (An example "Hello , I just came over to say I think you look gorgeous / beautiful / amazing , would you be interested in a conversation with me ? ) Call me corny or whatever ahah but the way I see it is you have nothing to lose but something to gain .

Of course my suggestion could be a bad one (probably is horrible but I'd rather do that than nothing) but the point is you need to muster the courage and speak to her or any girl like her otherwise you might be think about it in regret the next day . Don't worry about what your friends or other people think when you're trying to talk to a stranger like her , I think your friends or other people would see it in a positive perspective because they know it's tough .

Hope this helps !
Nov 19 2016
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
My situations:
Cute female waves at me I give her a weird face & keep walking =
Nov 19 2016
upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
Why would you pay for her bill? I don't even...
Nov 20 2016
andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Playing maplestory
Pros: Get married virtually, make friends, become a professional marketologist, master tactician, learn new languages and cultures

Cons: Lack of language, self confidence and social skills in real life.

And yes you are dumb
Nov 20 2016
xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
You know, I fall in love atleast 5 times a day when I go outside and see people. But that don't mean that I would pay for each and every one of them. Learn to control that feeling.

And as for your question I would say dumb just because you paid for someone else's meal in terms of not knowing that person (judging on only looks).
Nov 20 2016

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