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Kinesis Bossing?

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xxjumpstar1299x Level 195 Arcania Kinesis 4
...When there's no Kinesis Thread button on Basil...

Hey guys! Currently, I have a lv171 Kinesis with a range of approx. 80k~90k buffed.
I kinda want to know which bosses I can solo at this point, because well... I am getting somewhat bored of grinding over and over again.

At this point, The only bosses worth mentioning, which I've defeated are HT, CZak, And Easy Arkarium (After 20~25 mins?).
I still don't know which bosses I can potentially go for...

I mean.. It takes me 5 mins to solo HT? (I still don't know what time to HT timer starts at. I'm going to guess 1:15, since I beat HT at 1:10.. But IDK) < Sad considering how I've farmed HT daily since Lv145 ~ 171.

So.. I'd like to know if it's possible for me to do some other bosses right now.

Thanks for helping!
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