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Kinesis achievement thread

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candyyman Level 205 Bera Beginner
What have you achieved on your kinesis !
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


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spyro Level 235 Nova Kinesis 4
Rank #6 overall for Kinesis, almost level 215. Hoping when rankings update to be in the top 5.

Rank #3 now at 215, leveled to 216, hoping to be 217 before the end of the night.
Dec 22 2015
saipanda Level 60 Bellocan Page
my kinesis is only level 106, but after a ton of royal face coupons i got the face i wanted. playing in reboot server
Dec 23 2015
skyenets Level 205 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art skyenets is intoSkyenets
Had a bit of a disaster Horntail run. Got dispelled 5 times in a row and randomly got killed while at full HP (The 1hp thing didn't happen either but w/e). Lost my 2X coupon to it. Also disconnected when using the 150 hyper skill. Though in the end I got from 151 to 155 so it's not too bad.
Dec 24 2015
spyro Level 235 Nova Kinesis 4
Reached level 223, should be level 224 before the next rank update, slowly closing the gap between myself and rank 2.
Dec 26 2015
mvietp09 Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
Got +1 atk speed by accident at level 80 ish so I only really used like 2k honor or something?

Any kinesis mains out there able to tell me if this ia is any good? I notice with the second job attack (decent aoe range) the skill attacks much faster, but what about 3rd/4th job skills/ other debuff skills of kinesis, do they also become faster?
Dec 30 2015
spyro Level 235 Nova Kinesis 4
@candyyman: I got banned for two days for something stupid, and they changed it to two weeks. Going to try to appeal it later. I was eating and watching a movie while holding down my attack key, so when a GM came in to ask if I was there, I wasn't paying attention. Got banned for Macroing. It's my own fault and I get that, but changing my ban from 2 days to 2 weeks is a bit excessive for my first offense considering the amount of people hard core botting meso in Reboot for 3 day ban. They're making tens of billions and only getting two days of ban... I got like 3% while not looking at my screen and I'm more of a criminal. I would have been unbanned today, but if they decline I'll be gone until the 11th >.>

I was one level behind rank 2 and could have passed both of them in the same day easily too.
Dec 30 2015
ahippohunter Level 200 Broa Bow Master
A quick question for you 200+ers, what is Kinesis's level 200 medal? My google-fu is failing me
Jan 22 2016
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