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Kms 1.2.206 - you & i combo kill, multi kill and rune sy Video

By PhantomE

Dec 19 2013 The higher the Combo and Multi Kill, the higher bonus EXP you get. Watch the video in HD to see the EXP. Highest Combo is 999 which gives you 10% EXP bonus, but for Multi Kill I am not sure how the calculation works, as you can see in the video 10+ Multi Kill gives huge amount of bonus EXP. The Rune System can be activated using Chat button, there are total of 4 different Runes.
- Rapid Rune increases your Speed and Attack Speed.
- Play Rune heals 10% HP per sec, increases 20% Resistance and 20% less damage taken.
- Collapse Rune once activated the rune will kill all monsters and increases your damage by 50%.
- Destruction Rune which reduces monsters HP by 10% for 2 minutes and increases your damage by 50% which last for 15 seconds. All Runes will provide you additional 100% EXP once activated.
And you also can see the new damage display, you can always change the damage display in the settings.

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Thats look interesting
Dec 23 2013
That just hurts my eyes.
Dec 28 2013

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