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Kms 220 dual blade soloed hard magnus Video

By ayobakare

ayobakare Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
Jan 15 2014 The control is amazing!

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zeroorhero9x Level 125 Scania Night Lord
Did he finish?
The new blade ascension enables db to make so many plays!
Jan 16 2014
carlsonlf Level 210 Bera Bow Master
Too pro to use Asura.
Jan 16 2014
WeaselPopPills Level 210 Scania Blade Master
Amazing. I haven't seen blade ascension in action like this before. The larger hitbox for phantom blow seems very helpful too. I also like the damage skin.

Now if only GMS would hurry up with the db update
Jan 16 2014
Dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
+2 Too pro to use Asura.[/quote]

Asura is slower when you max with phantom blow.

The only thing I envy from KMS is working bosses.
Jan 17 2014

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