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Noodlebrain Level 203 Nova Cannoneer 4
[url=]Rankings as of 1/7/2014[/url]

The levels man, especially considering that KMS doesn't have cash shop 2x EXP coupons...
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krzyvboi05 Level 174 Scania Shadower
we cant buy cash shop 2x for level 200+ at all[/quote]

You can still buy it at 200, but the moment you hit 201, you can't buy them anymore.
Jan 08 2014
Economy Level 155 Windia Marksman
It's not like our level 201+ characters have 2x cards. The level 250 cap has been out longer in KMS than GMS so I wouldn't be surprised if the levels were around equal if the time was equal.
Jan 08 2014
BabanaBabana Level 120 Scania Hero
I wish our rankings had the same detail as theirs, Guild, Class (other than just general crap like 'Warrior' or Thief') and what not.

Also, Night Rod, lol.
Jan 08 2014
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
All the top are xenon...just saying
Jan 08 2014
Koreans, the superior gamer race.
Jan 08 2014
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