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Kms Winter Update 2014

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doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
cant wait lvl 200+content!
Dec 10 2014
xxSab Level 110 Chaos Jett 4
does this mean Beast Tamer may finally be released again?
Dec 10 2014
LulzMudkipzz Level 203 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I shall best you all, with my PvP set from when it first came out! Muahahah!
Dec 10 2014
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Adding more contents/events is not very interesting to me mainly because the game needs to be cleaned up... Too much "old junk" and the new junk just makes the old junk completely worthless or does not even work with the new contents...
Dec 10 2014
TheQueen Level 70 Bera Jett 3
Don't get too excited about the level 200+ content; I'm assuming it won't be that great because they wan't you to spend as much time on MapleStory and not get closer to 250 so you won't in a way " finish"' the game then get bored and quit. Just my thoughts for now, we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.
Dec 10 2014
iEvanMaster Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4

I thought this game would plague me no longer, but if PVP is indeed returning I may come back just to see how it is.

The first PVP before Grand Battle is one era of the game I hold fond memories of. I've met many great people there and I had a blast.
Dec 11 2014

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