Sad Mask
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Kms shad dojo in 3m38s Video

By alanron14

alanron14 Level 180 Mardia Demon Slayer 4
May 14 2015 I'm speechless....

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Sqeeshyer Level 212 Scania Night Lord
Eh, seen better
May 14 2015
AnthonysWill Level 62 Bellocan Blaze Wizard 1
shadowers gonna dominate #1 dojo after that update[/quote]

It's not as easy as it looks. Capping with Carnival Edge(With Flip the coin) requires over 6 mil Range because it's that weak.
I don't even think Shadowers are meant to cap with Carnival Edge, but the option is there for those who massively fund their Shadower to a point where Carnival exceeds the damage of Nate.
May 15 2015
Regretsblade Level 205 Scania Blade Master
...That guy use to be a DB lol
May 17 2015

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